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World Forest Institute offers the fellowship program for young forestry and forest products professionals from around the world to work at the World Forest Institute. Full details:

School(Institutions/Country): USA

Level: Fellowship is a Blend of Research, Networking, and Cultural Exchange. There are currently three main components to the program: Conducting a Project, Networking with public and private forestry organizations in the US, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Educational Outreach.

Field(s): Forestry discipline.

Funded By: The World Forest Institute

Deadline: Applications are taken year round. Applications are due at least two months prior to the start date.

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): Scholarship is targeted for Open US and foreign nationals.


‣ Award No: Not Specified

‣ Scholarship Duration: The fellowships are offered for six to twelve months.

Scholarship Covers:

For a full year fellowship (12 months) the Program Cost is $20,000 USD. The following apply:

  • The Program Cost is pro-rated for shorter Fellowships (for example, a six-month Fellowship costs $10,000).

  • The Fellowship Program Cost is used to pay Fellows’ salaries, provide work space, and covers all other program related costs (travel, support staff, etc.).

  • 50% of this cost is paid by the Harry A. Merlo Foundation in the form of a matching grant.

  • 50% of this cost is paid by sources secured by the Fellow. This amount is due prior to or upon arrival to WFI. The cost can be paid by check, credit card, or wire transfer.

  • Fellows must submit a letter of support from their sponsor upon finding funding.
  • Other Expenses: WFI will pay 50% of the visa application fee to Experience International. Fellows or their sponsors must pay for their travel to Portland, Oregon (cost depends upon location). 
  • Fellows will receive a free public transportation pass that allows them to travel by bus or light rail within the city of Portland.
  • Cost of Living Expenses: The $1,000 monthly net salary is generally sufficient to cover apartment rent (a shared apartment), utilities, phone, and food costs on an average budget. Please note that individual lifestyle differences will result in higher or lower costs.
  • Fellows are responsible for paying all rental fees and associated costs. WFI has second-hand furniture and other housing items, such as beds, bedding, and kitchen utensils, available for use.

  • Transportation: A public transportation pass is provided for travel within the Portland area. A work vehicle is available for checkout to use for work appointments.
  • The purchase of a vehicle for personal use is optional. Used vehicles are widely available. We suggest bringing an additional $3,000 – 6,000 USD for purchasing the car, which would include the purchase price, insurance, registration and licensing fees.
  • At the end of the Fellowship, the Fellow can sell the vehicle and regain some of the purchase price.


The World Forest Institute Fellowship Program brings forestry and forest products professionals from around the world to work at the World Forest Institute for 6 to 12 months.

Over 100 Fellows from 30 countries have participated in the program.

The Fellowship Program offers participants many opportunities, such as:
Conducting studies in the Pacific Northwest related to forestry

  • Meeting with many different forestry organizations and corporations;
  • Building a network of forestry contacts, and

  • Promoting the dissemination and exchange of information regarding global forest resources and their utilization
Fellows leave the program with a solid understanding of how the US forestry sector operates and who the key players are. Additionally, Fellows gain invaluable cultural experience and English language skills.


World Forest Institute Fellowship candidates should meet these minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of forestry, natural resources, or other related degree.

Alternatively, candidates with at least four years of forest-related work experience may apply.

Proficiency in English, both written and spoken.

At least 21 years of age.

Initial research proposal on a topic relevant to forestry in the home country. The project should take advantage of forestry in the Pacific Northwest.

Ability to be self-motivated, to work independently towards a clear research goal or output, and to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

WFI accepts applications from US and foreign nationals. Anyone meeting our minimum qualifications can apply.

Scholarship Application Method


  1. Develop a project proposal that fits within the guidelines of the Fellowship program. Projects are a key element of the Fellowship Program. Download the project proposal guidelines here. Please note that proposals must be original in scope. Projects submitted to WFI must meet the following requirements:

  • The project should take advantage of being located in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Elements of the project must involve collaboration with PNW forest industry, local organizations, researchers, or communities.

  • The project should include elements from both the Fellow’s home country and the US. For example, the project could make a comparison/contrast case study of examples in both countries.

  • The project must be able to be completed within the time frame that the Fellow will be here. WFI does not fund work that occurs in locations other than at our center.

  • WFI does not fund field trials as we do not have laboratory facilities available at our location. Most Fellows conduct projects that involve collecting qualitative data and involve surveys, interviews, literature review, shadowing, conferences, and networking.

  • The project must have a tangible outcome, such as a report, manual, poster session, or an event (such as a conference).

2. Complete the WFI application in full. All sections must be completed including the financial section. Please note that any incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

3. Email your complete application; proposal included, along with your CV to WFI Director Sara Wu, Please do not send a CV or letter of interest without a completed application form. It is free to apply.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Applications are taken year round. Applications are due at least two months prior to the start date.

It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official website  (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Application forms and guidelines can be downloaded  from the official website

For more Information about World Forest Institute Fellowship

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