EURAC Federal Scholar in Residence Programme in Bolzano, Italy | 2014
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EURAC Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism now accepts applications for becoming Eura c’s Federal Scholar 2014. Full details: 

School(Institutions/ Country): the EURA C-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism | Bolzano, Italy

Level :Short Research Stay

Field(s): fields of comparative federalism and intergovernmental relations

Deadline: 1st July 2013; Date: February 2014

Funded By: the EURAC-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism

Beneficiaries( Target Group): EURA Federal Schol is open for worldwide academics, post-docs and practitioners.

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions)

Award No: Not Specified

Scholarship Duration: up to three weeks

Scholarship Covers:The winner of the EUR Federal Scholar in Residence Program is granted a research stay up to 3 weeks - preferably in early February - at the EURA C-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism located in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy).

It comprises:

  • The possibility to publicly present and to publish his/her work in the online series EDAP or one of the EURA C book series, if considered appropriate by the jury
  • A work place and free access to the Eurac Library, including online library services
  • The use of our administrative structures (secretariat and project development service)
  • A return ticket economic fare
  • Accommodation in a single room in a good, standard guesthouse or in modern student halls of residence in centrally located areas of Bolzano/Bozen (within walking distance to EURA C)


The EURAC-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism now accepts applications for becoming EURA C’s Federal Scholar 2014!

To be considered eligible, applicants must hand in an unpublished manuscript in either English, Italian, German, French or Spanish by 1st July 2013.

In honor and in the spirit of the works of Sergio Ortino, the founder of Federal Studies in South Tyrol, the EURA C-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism creates the program called EURA C Federal Scholar in Residence. It is primarily dedicated to experts who wish to present and publicly discuss federal and regional questions that are of importance to legislators and civil servants as well as the international academic community.

It shall promote comparative research at the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen  and aims at weaving experts and their networks in order to develop and advance comparative federal studies.

Therefore, academics, post-docs and practitioners in federalism and intergovernmental relations are encouraged to apply. We mostly welcome applications which are in line with our research fields.

In sum, the EURAC Federal Scholar in Residence Program is:

a public acknowledgement of excellence not carrying any monetary prize, but covering the costs of a research stay at the EURA C-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism

a possibility to present own research findings publicly and engage into face-to-face discussions with a group of international experts in constitutional law and comparative politics at EURA C

an occasion for academics, post-docs and practitioners to extend and share their knowledge in multilevel government and governance in the beautiful Dolomites, especially from a legal and/or political science perspective

a possibility to enhance cooperation and discussions between scholars in the fields of comparative federalism and intergovernmental relations

an opportunity to develop new project ideas while being part of the international research environment in early February when also the EURA C’s Winter School on Federalism and Governance takes place


JURY AND SELECTION CRITERIA for EURAC Federal Scholar candidates

The unpublished manuscripts of all candidates who successfully submitted their applications will be forwarded by the program manager to Professor Francesco Palermo, President of the international jury and Director of the EURA C-Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism.

The applicants will receive a short notice by the program manager stating that their application was complete and passed on to the jury.

Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Depending on the submitted topic of the manuscripts, the president of the jury then nominates scholars from a pool of experts to get involved in the evaluation process.

Please note that both the jury’s president and its members will receive the candidates’ applications anonymously by the program manager.

The manuscripts have thus to be submitted without any identifying information.

The jury is composed of a pool of outstanding international and plurilingual experts and their range of expertise covers the whole of comparative federalism and intergovernmental research, from legal, political, social and economic perspective.

As a general rule, the jury will evaluate the submitted works based on following criteria:

(1). innovation and creativity (significant originality and initiative)

(2). content (overall quality, clarity and long term scientific value for comparative federal research)

(3). practical usefulness (consequentiality for institutional, political, social and economic reality)

(4). strategic value (relevance for efficient multilevel governance and institutional reforms)

(5). reliability (referring to the problem framing and, if applicable, to data collection methods)

(6). replicability (applying to data and broadly speaking to the entire reasoning process)

(7). methodological effectiveness (clear demonstration on how the work is consonant in its source disciplines/methodologies or on how the work effectively advances the understanding and inquiry of the submitted topic by weaving disciplinary perspectives together and developing novel methodological approaches that are balanced)

The jury’s work and deliberations are strictly confidential and any contact with the president of the jury and its members is not permitted during the evaluation procedure. The jury will announce the successful candidate to the program manager at the end of the selection process.

In case of disagreement, the jury president makes the final decision.

The program manager will contact the winner by mid-October at the latest. The winner will also be announced on the web page and in the Institute’s newsletter

NOTE: during the selection process no emails will be answered by the program manager or the jury’s president.

Scholarship Application Method

Formal requirements

Applications are to be sent directly to the program manager by July 01 at 15:00 Rome Time.

They must be submitted via E-mail.

Please note that applications sent by post will not be accepted.

The unpublished manuscript has to be sent electronically and without any identifying information in it. The program manager guarantees anonymity during the selection procedure. The international jury by rule does not know the author’s identity.

In sum, the application must contain:

the unpublished manuscript (in electronic format without any identifying information) 
in either English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.
It is compulsory to insert the following declaration as a footnote in the submitted manuscript OR as a separate certification (with your signature): “I hereby confirm that the submitted manuscript ( TITLE ) has not been published yet nor is it in the process of negotiation/publication with any editorial board or publishing house.”

an abstract in English

short CV with contact details (E-mail and phone numbers) in English. In accordance to the Italian Law on personal data handling (decree 196/2003), please attach the following consent to your CV: 'I authorize EURAC to use my personal data in accordance to decree 196/2003'.

a short motivation letter in English (max. 2 pages)

The program manager will send a confirmation of the received application at the beginning of July.

All detailed information and contacts

Viale Druso, 1 / Drususallee 1

39100 Bolzano / Bozen - Italy

Tel: +39 0471 055 055

Fax: +39 0471 055 099


Partita IVA: 01659400210

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