Doctor’s Simple Steps Offer Incredible Hope for Diabetic Neuropathy

For diabetics the depressing news keeps coming.

First you’re diagnosed as the world’s newest diabetic, with all the changes that entails. Then you learn that the persistent tingling, burning, or other painful discomfort in your toes or fingers means you’ve also developed peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy?” You’d never even heard of that before.

Most folks haven’t.

But if you’re diabetic and haven’t been diagnosed with this debilitating nerve condition, current research suggests you likely soon will be (Learn more about the neuropathy fate awaiting diabetics here) .

As a newly diagnosed neuropathy sufferer your doctor will send you to the pharmacy, armed with several prescriptions for medications he suggests trying “just to see if they help”.

This, he will tell you, is because “there’s nothing else that can be done for neuropathy.”

The doctor of course isn’t saying this to be dishonest, but he isn’t telling you the truth either (you can find the truth by clicking here . He is simply repeating the mistruths he was taught in medical school and hears from the pharmaceutical reps that visit his clinic each day.

He likely sincerely believes that beyond the Band-Aid type medications he’s prescribing there isn’t anything else he can do for your neuropathy.

As a result you’ll make many more trips to the pharmacy for new medications that “may help”, even as your neuropathy symptoms worsen and as the medications become either less and less effective or more and more addictive.

Depressing indeed.

But it DOES NOT have to be this way thanks to the groundbreaking research of an innovative American Doctor who was also told there was “no solution” to his own case of peripheral neuropathy.

After his own doctor diagnosed him with untreatable neuropathy, Dr. Randall C Labrum became Hell-bent on finding a solution that modern medicine says can’t possibly exist.

And he found it!

Read about Dr. Labrum’s incredible story and amazing solution to peripheral neuropathy by clicking here .

Dr. Labrum’s findings lead him to approach the problem of peripheral neuropathy without the usual reliance of prescription medication. In fact, he discovered that the medications doctors so often prescribe for a myriad of conditions are a major contributing factor to peripheral neuropathy!

Despite the oft repeated mistruth that “there is no treatment for neuropathy”, Dr. Labrum’s research also helped him piece together several little-know, natural methods for repairing damaged peripheral nerves and removing the destructive, neuropathy-inducing toxins known to accumulate in the extremities.

The almost accidental result of these findings  is an easy-to-follow, simple, step-by-step system that can quickly reduce neuropathy pain and discomfort, while restoring peripheral nerves and the circulatory environment of the extremities back to healthy functioning.

If you are a diabetic with neuropathy or pre-neuropathy there is hope!

Thousands of diabetics have already broken the cycle of bad news since Dr. Labrum’s solution to peripheral neuropathy was made public. He himself is neuropathy free today.

Dr. Labrum’s neuropathy findings are now available for you too by clicking here 


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