7 Tips to win FREE Scholarships 

I here listed some tips that could potentially help you on how to win scholarships or fellowships. All are from my prespective, and I believe that you will use the information at your own discretion.

Let's dive in to the full list. You ready? Here it is...

  1. Most scholarship providers (Europe and North America) assign people to receive applications who are mostly decision makers on the result of your applications . And it would be good to use your best ability when you communicate with regard to your applications. Meaning be serious not to make errors when you write emails or incase talk with them.
  2. Most scholarship providers screen applicants initially based on whether the applicants meet the admission requirements of the universities, colleges or institutes at which the study is going to be hosted. And therefore, as scholarship applicant , it's good first check whether YOU meet the admission requirements of the university or college or institute.
  3. Most scholarships are designed based on some purpose. Some scholarships might be allocated to support applicants who are financially in NEEDY i.e like applicants from DEVELOPING counties. Or some might be allocated to support outstanding students. Or Some might be allocated to support based on projects created among countries or institutions., etc... And therefore, scholarship applicants should write the MOTIVATION letter gear to the PUROPOSE of the scholarship.
  4. Avoid Silly mistakes. Most scholarship applicants usually ignore the minor details when they fill the application form or when they communicate with contact people via email. A minor mistake is a big deal for some people who are in charge of handling the scholarship . They might judge YOU as careless applicants and of course you might receive initial rejection. And there fore, it's good to learn to look in to minor details.
  5. Reference letters matters : Most scholarships or positions at doctoral or postdoctoral level demand to submit a Reference letters. Just ask why they seriously need it? If you get the answer, then you are expected to guess what kind of letter they want. As an applicant, it is a smart way to know a little bit about the professor who opened the position or scholarship. Like about his research, his publication and his interest. Then tell the person who gonna write a reference letter to include the ingredients that you researched about the professor. Just think what do you feel if some one writes about some thing that you love most?
  6. Your DECSION to win the scholarship matters. Most scholarship applicants believe that they don’t win if they do not have excellent grade. This is a wrong perception. But according to my research , if the applicant meet the admission requirements, then he or she can win scholarship provided that she decides to WIN. And there for, scholarship applicants do not buy people who discourage you with the above wrong mental psychology.
  7. WINNING a scholarship is not straight some times. When you apply the first time, you might receive the popular word “ REGRET TO INFORM YOU” . That is common if you ask most scholars who win. Example , I have received more than 300 failed applications before I won four top scholarships. But with all my rejections, I learned some thing and used it for the next application. And there fore, as scholarship applicants , do not be bothered for receiving “ REGRET TO INFORM YOU” letter. It's normal and part of it...

Thank you for reading!

Berhanu Hunegnaw

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