2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships in Energy and Environment, Spain

2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships in Energy and Environment, Spain , and applications are submitted till 26th March 2015. Iberdrola Foundation is awarding postgraduate scholarships to pursue master’s studies in Energy and the Environment in Spain for the 2015/16 academic year. Scholarships are awarded for Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian or US students. The scholarship will have a maximum duration of one calendar year from the beginning of the studies programme. The scholarship will cover cost of enrollment and contribution of 10.800€ Euros payable monthly over a period of 9 months. Full details:

School(Institutions/ Country): | Spain

Level: master’s studies in academic institutions of excellence in Spain.

Field(s): Scholarships are awarded in Energy and the Environment with specialization in the following areas: Renewable energy, Sustainable energy system, the environment, clean combustion technologies and emissions management, Energy efficiency, Energy storage, Electric vehicles and Smart grids.

Deadline: 26th March 2015

Funded By: Iberdrola Foundation

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships are targeted for Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian or US Students

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

 Award No:  Not Specified

Scholarship Duration: The Scholarship will have a maximum duration of one calendar year from the beginning of the studies programme. In exceptional cases, the Scholarship may be extended for an additional year, subject to a new application and the authorisation of Iberdrola Foundation.

Scholarship covers: The Scholarship will cover the following:

Cost of enrollment.

Contribution of 10.800€ Euros payable monthly over a period of 9 months. This amount will be paid out in 1.200€ monthly installments. Payment of this monthly allowance will begin in October 2015 and end in June 2016.


As part of its scholarships Programme, Iberdrola Foundation has launched a new announcement calling for applications for the Postgraduate Studies in Energy and the Environment in Spain for the 2015/16 academic year.

These 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships call is aimed at Brazilian, Mexican, American and Spanish students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree who wish to continue their specialization in academic institutions of excellence in Spain.


‣ The 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships from Iberdrola Foundation are intended for students of Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian or US nationality.

‣ Applicants must be in possession of a bachelor with honours or master’s degree from a recognized university on submission of the application. If the applicant is still in the final year of the academic course 2014-2015, the grant will be contingent upon whether the applicant secures the university degree at the end of the academic cycle in June/July 2015 with the same average grades or greater than the grades at the time of the call for applications.

‣ Applications presented by candidates with a grade point average (GPA) during the pursuit of the degree lower than 3.5 for universities in the USA and below 7.0 on scale 10 for Spanish universities will be rejected. Candidates who have been awarded Iberdrola Foundation

‣ Scholarships in previous announcements are excluded from assessment.

‣ Knowledge of languages: the candidates must prove having an excellent knowledge of English and Spanish by submitting a certificate of recognized prestige if these are not their native languages.

‣ Excellence: special consideration will be given to programs included in regional or international excellence campuses.

‣ Applicants may not receive any remuneration or wages or be in receipt of any Scholarship, financial aid or other award of a similar nature from institutions and public or private foundations during the period that the Scholarship is awarded for.

‣ Candidates who have been awarded Iberdrola Foundation Scholarships in previous announcements are excluded from assessment.

Selection Criteria for 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships

‣ The selection process will include a first shortlist of candidates, taking into account their academic qualifications, CV, geographical mobility, proven level of English or Spanish, interest of their study project and reference letters.

‣ Iberdrola Foundation will request confirmation of admission to process by the corresponding university for the selected course. 

‣ Applications which have been rejected by the University for the Selected Programme will not be taken into consideration in the scholarship award process.

‣ Iberdrola Foundation will publish on its website the names of shortlisted candidates from the announcement. 

‣ If the shortlisting process is passed, the Iberdrola Foundation selection committee may arrange a personal interview with the candidate in order to assess his/her personal conditions, education and motivation.

Notification for 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships

‣ Once the interviews have been conducted, the selection committee will propose the list of selected candidates. 

 Iberdrola Foundation will take the final decision on the candidates finally accepted. 

‣ The final list of candidates and a list of substitutes will be published in the energy sustainability activity section of the Iberdrola Foundation website on June 15th 2015.

Scholarship Application Method 

‣ To be eligible for the  2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships the interested party must fill in and send the electronic application form before on March 26th 2015, including the following documentation which should be named with the number of document followed by the surname of the applicant e.g. Document 1 Smith:

Document 1. Photocopy of the national identity card or passport

Document 2. CV, with a recent photo of the applicant.

Document 3. Higher Degree or proof of request thereof, as well as the diplomas of all studies included in the form. Only those candidates who are pending completion of their studies may annex in this section academic certification instead of the degree.

Document 4. Complete Academic Certification of all studies toward the degree specifying the weighted average of the university degrees, name of the student, courses completed and all subjects and qualifications, per term, as well as the credit obtained.

Document 5. Two original reference letters from university professor.  In those cases where the applicant has been employed for several years, one of the reference letters may be from his/her immediate supervisor.

Document 6. A certificate of language proficiency for the languages specified in the form. Spanish applicants must establish their knowledge of English through one of the following certificates: TOEFL (minimum grade: 95 in Internet based, 240 in computer based or 587 in paper based); Cambridge University: Certificate in Advanced English (grade A or B) or Proficiency and IELTS (minimum grade: 7).

Document 7. Contract or employment record accounting for the applicant’s professional experience, if any.

Document 8. Certificate showing the awards and scholarships/grants specified in the form. Only awards and grants gained since the commencement of your university career will be accepted.

If the applicant is shortlisted, Iberdrola Foundation may call for the original or duly certified copy of the documents and any other document that it may deem to be necessary. The maximum size permitted per document is 3 MB.

‣ Scholarship Applications are due on 26th March, 2015.

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

For more Information about 2015-2016 Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships



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