2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Masters Courses in UK

2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Masters Courses in UK , and applications are submitted till 31 May 2014. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom, funded by the UK Government, the Scottish Government, CSC and BIS, is offering Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Master degree courses at the UK Universities. Students must be Commonwealth citizens and permanently resident of a developing Commonwealth country. Refugees or British protected persons are also considered. Students must normally hold a first degree of upper second-class standard, or higher qualification. These scholarships offer opportunity to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in home country. Full details:

School(Institutions/ Country): | Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships offer the opportunity to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in home countr

Level: Masters Degree level courses.

Field(s): 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

are awarded to study Tropical Forestry, Education and International Development, Clinical Trials, Epidemiology, Global Health Policy, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Education for Sustainability, Development Management, Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health, Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice, Finance (Major: Economic Policy), Public Policy and Management, International Construction Management, Integrated Environmental Management, International Development (Conflict, Security and Development), Programmes across One Health, One Medicine, Global Health: innovation and education courses (Global Health and Non-Communicable Diseases, Clinical Education, Global Challenges, Paediatric Emergency Medicine, and Global eHealth), Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, Clinical Research, Master of Public Health, International Human Rights Law, Gerontology, Dementia Studies, Finance, IT and Telecommunications/Internet Law and Policy and Public Administration – International Development.

Deadline: 31 May 2014.

Funded By: Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC), UK Government, the Scottish Government, CSC, BIS

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships are targeted for Students of Following Countries: Students of following developing commonwealth countries can apply for these 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.Anguilla Guyana Pakistan Tonga Antigua and Barbuda India Papua New Guinea Trinidad and Tobago Bangladesh Jamaica Rwanda Turks and Caicos Barbados Kenya St Helena Tuvalu Belize Kiribati St Kitts Uganda Bermuda Lesotho St Lucia Vanuatu Botswana Malawi St Vincent Virgin Islands Cameroon Malaysia Samoa Zambia Cayman Islands Maldives Seychelles  Tristan da Cunha Dominica Mauritius Sierra Leone  Zimbabwe Falkland Islands Montserrat Solomon Islands  Pitcairn The Gambia Mozambique South Africa

Ghana Namibia Sri Lanka
Gibraltar Nauru Swaziland
Grenada Nigeria Tanzania

Details about the country s can be found here.

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

Award No: Not Specified

Scholarship Duration:  This will be based on the course program.

Scholarship covers: Not Specified


‣ The 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships and Fellowship Plan is one of the largest and most prestigious scholarships schemes for international study in the world.

Since it was established in 1959, around 29,000 individuals have benefited – 17,000 of them have held awards funded by the United Kingdom, managed by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC).

This prospectus describes the 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships offered by the CSC in 2014-2015. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships provide the opportunity for individuals to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their home country.

The scheme was established in 2002, as a direct response to the measures taken by our funder, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), to explore new methods of delivery as part of the drive for poverty reduction. To date, nearly 1,500 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships have been awarded.


Have what it takes to avail 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships ?

To be eligible for a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship, candidates should:

‣ be Commonwealth citizens of a developing Commonwealth country, refugees or British protected persons;

‣ be permanently resident in a developing Commonwealth country;

‣ normally hold a first degree of upper second-class standard, or higher qualification. In certain cases, we will consider a lower qualification and sufficient relevant experience;

‣ The CSC may require candidates to undertake the academic IELTS English language test as a condition of eligibility.

‣ Candidates should check with the UK institution/provider whether this requirement applies to them. If selected, candidates will be required to show the CSC a certificate confirming a total overall score of at least 6.5 on the IELTS scale.

‣ The CSC will only accept a certificate from a test taken up to one year prior to the start date of the course.

Selection Criteria:

‣ There are three criteria against which Expressions of Interest and proposals will be considered:

  • The quality of the course, including whether the Expression of Interest/proposal has institutional endorsement, the Quality Assurance record and the track record for delivery of the course through the medium of distance learning.

  • The learning opportunities provided for developing country students, including whether the course takes into account appropriate use of technology, whether course providers can identify a target audience of potential applicants and recruit them successfully, and the factors likely to affect candidates’ successful completion of their studies.

  • The development impact of the course of study, including how the course content can be applied to the Millennium Development Goals and the subsequent career patterns of course alumni.

  • Criteria for candidates: Successful providers will be required to conduct their own recruitment process to shortlist a specified number of nominated candidates for Distance Learning Scholarships. A selection committee will then select Scholars from this shortlist in July.

Scholarship Application Method

‣ Full details of the application process must be obtained from the relevant institution.

‣  To apply for a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship:
-You must complete an EAS application. Please note that it is not possible to submit an EAS application after the deadline that you will see when you open an application.
-The UK university will then decide whether or not to nominate you to the CSC.
-The CSC then selects which of the shortlisted nominated candidates to fund.

‣ Scholarship Applications are due on 31 May 2014.

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

For more Information about 2014-2015 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

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