2014-2015 List of Free Scholarships


2014 Postdoctoral Fellowships for Sub-Saharan Students in Germany

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering Postdoctoral Fellowships for Sub-Saharan Students [.......]

Updated 20 August 2014 Deadline: Applications can be handed in at any time.

2014-2015 University of Waikato Excellence Scholarship for Asian students in New Zealand

     The University of Waikato is offering Excellence Scholarship for Asian students[......]

Updated 20 August 2014 Deadline: Applications for the Scholarship must be received by the University of Waikato Scholarships Office on the prescribed online form by 22 September (for study commencing November 2014) or 13 October 2014 (for study commencing from February 2015) or 17th April 2015 (for study commencing from July 2015).

2014 Riva Loeb Entrance Awards at Ryerson University in Canada

  • Applications are invited for entrance awards available for Canadian students within the School of Nutrition at Ryerson University[......] 

Updated 20 August 2014 Deadline: 29 August 2014.

2015 USA Friends Scholarships for Masters Degree at University of Sussex in UK

  • University of Sussex, UK announces USA friends scholarships for postgraduate masters programme[.......]

Updated 20 August 2014 Deadline:  5th April 2015.

500 Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers in Germany 2015

  • Humboldt Foundation grants approximately 500 Research Fellowships annually[........] 

Updated 19 August 2014 Deadline Applications may be sent at any time

2014-2015 American Advertising Federation Baltimore Scholarship Program in USA

  • The American Advertising Federation Baltimore is awarding Advertising scholarship to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at an accredited Maryland college or university[.......]

Updated 19 August 2014 Deadline: September 8, 2014.

2014-2016 UAE Government IRENA Scholarship Programme for International Students

  • The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is now accepting applications for IRENA scholarship programme from international students[......]

Updated 19 August 2014 Deadline: October 31st, 2014.

2015 Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program at Kyoto University in Japan

  • The (AFLSP) is offering scholarship program for pursuing undergraduate, master, doctoral and professional degree program at Kyoto University[........] 

Updated 19 August 2014 Deadline: September 15, 2014.

2015 Special Scholarship Program(SSP) for International Doctoral Students in Japan

  • Kochi University of Technology offers special scholarship program for international students to pursue doctoral degree within the department of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering[.......] 

Updated 19 August 2014 Deadline: September 18, 2014.

2015 Nieman Foundation Fellowships for International Applicants in USA

    The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard is inviting applications for fellowships to work on special research projects designed to advance journalism[.......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline:Applications must be submitted on or before January 31, 2015.
International Fellowships: Applications must be submitted on or before December. 1, 2014 (except those from applicants in Canada, the Philippines,South Africa and South Korea).

Riva Loeb Entrance Awards at Ryerson University in Canada, 2014

  • Applications are invited for entrance awards available for Canadian students within the School of Nutrition at Ryerson University. Up to three awards worth $3,000 each will be available[......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: 29 August 2014.

2015 European Global Leaders Scholarship for Postgraduate Programme in Australia

  • University of Queensland is inviting application for European Global Leaders Scholarship for the students from Europe studying a coursework master’s degree within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (excludes the MBA)[......]

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: 30 November 2014.

2015 Henry James Williams Scholarship at University of Melbourne in Australia

  • University of Melbourne is awarding research scholarship in a field of study other than theology and music [.......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline:31 October 2014

2015 University of Sydney Business School Leader Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia

  • University of Sydney Business School is funding up to twenty postgraduate scholarships for local and international students in Australia[.......]

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline:15 January 2015.

2015-2016 Microsoft Research Graduate Women Scholarship

  • Applications are invited for Microsoft Research Graduate Women Scholarship available for women in the second year of their graduate studies[......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: October 16, 2014.

2015 NICTA-UNSW Undergraduate Research Scholarships in Australia

  • Applications are invited for undergraduate research scholarships to pursue exciting and challenging research during bachelor degree studies (BE or BSc or a BE or BE ME) at UNSW[......]

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: 30 September 2014.

2015 Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowships (IDRF)

  • SSRC and IDRF are funding International Dissertation Research Fellowships for graduate students regardless of citizenship enrolled in PhD programs in the USA [.....]

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline:  4th November 2014.

2015-2016 Canadian Government Postdoctoral Research Scholarships

  • Applications are invited for postdoctoral research scholarships available for new researchers who obtained their doctorate and who wish to begin or pursue their postdoctoral research[......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: 2nd October 2014.

2015 CAS Presidents Interactional Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) in China

  • Academy of Sciences (CAS) is offering international fellowship for scientists and postgraduate students to work and study at CAS institutions and strengthens their scientific collaboration with CAS researchers [.......] 

Updated 18 August 2014 Deadline: 15th September 2015 and 31st March 2015.

Africa Land and Food Masters Fellowship Program for Sub-Saharan Africans in UK, 2015-2016

  • African Fellowship Trust is inviting applications for masters fellowship for Sub-Saharan Africans [........] 

Updated 15 August 2014 Deadline: September-November 2014.

Cleveland Clinics Administrative Fellowship Program, 2015-2016

  • Cleveland Clinic’s Administrative Fellowship Program is a 12-month postgraduate training program available for international applicants[......]

Updated 15 August 2014 Deadline:  September 22, 2014.

Visa Oshwal Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Kenya, 2014

  • Oshwal aid in association with Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is offering undergraduate scholarships for Kenyan students [.......] Open until July to August every year.

Updated 15 August 2014 Deadline:

Curtin Humanitarian Fund Scholarship for International Students in Australia, 2015

  • Curtin University is inviting applications for Curtin Humanitarian Fund Scholarship[.......]

Updated 15 August 2014 Deadline:  21 November 2014.

2015 AFFIRM MPhil Fellowships in Public Mental Health, South Africa

  • Applications are invited for MPhil fellowships available for applicants from Hub countries (Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi or Ethiopia)[.......]

Updated 14 August 2014 Deadline: 30th September 2014.

2015 SARETI Masters Scholarships in Health Research Ethics at University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa

  • South African Research Ethics Training Initiative (SARETI) is inviting applications for Masters Program in Health Research Ethics[......]

Updated 14 August 2014 Deadline: 5 September 2014.

2015 University of Law i-LLM Scholarship Award for UK and International Students in UK

  • Applications are invited for LLM scholarships available to start i-LL.M in International Legal Practice course in January 2015 at University of Law[......] 

Updated 14 August 2014 Deadline: 19 December 2014

2015 Sir Henry Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowships in UK or Overseas

  • Wellcome Trust is offering postdoctoral fellowships in Biomedical Research to individuals with a relevant connection to the European Economic Area [......] 

Updated 14 August 2014 Deadline: 6th October 2014.

2015 Auckland Doctoral Scholarships for international and domestic students 

  • University of Auckland offers doctoral scholarships for international and domestic students who wish to pursue doctoral studies on a full-time basis [.......]  

Updated 13 August 2014 Deadline: 1 November 2014

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for Canadian and International Scholars in Canada , 2015

  • University of British Columbia is inviting applications for Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship available for outstanding scholars from around the world [.......] 

Updated 13 August 2014 Deadline:  October 15, 2014.

DPDF Student Fellowship Competition in USA , 2015

  • Applications are invited for student fellowships available for US and international applicants who are currently matriculated in PhD programs at accredited universities in the United States [.......] 

Updated 13 August 2014 Deadline: October 15, 2014.


MBA Academic Excellence Scholarships at Wits Business School in South Africa 2015

  • Wits Business School (WBS) is offering excellence scholarships for MBA students[......] 

Updated 13 August 2014 Deadline: 10th September 2014.

1000 Gates Millennium Scholars Program for Undergraduate Students in USA 2015

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 offers 1000 Gates Millennium Scholars Program annually for US citizens, nationals or legal permanent residents of the United States[......

Updated 12 August 2014 Deadline: January 14, 2015.

US Charles M Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarship Program in USA , 2015/2016

  • Applications are invited for vest scholarships available for international graduate students to work and study at one of nine US universities [.......] 

Updated 12 August 2014 Deadline:  1st October 2014

La Trobe Master of Engineering Management Scholarship in Australia, 2014

  • Applications are open for master of engineering management scholarships offered at La Trobe University[.......] 

Updated 12 August 2014 Deadline: 24th October 2014.

Dean of the School of Health Scholarship at BPP University in UK, 2015

  • Applications are invited for a Health scholarship available for UK and international students to study at BPP University. Applicants must meet the requirements for the relevant programme [......] 

Updated 12 August 2014 Deadline: 1st October 2014

Masters of Public Health Scholarships at BRAC University in Bangladesh, 2014

  • BRAC University is offering master scholarships in public health for the students of developing countries [.......] 

Updated 12 August 2014 Deadline:  20th October 2014.

2015 Norman E Borlaug Fellowship Program in International Agricultural Science

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture invites applications for Borlaug Fellowship Program available for fellows from developing and middle-income countries [.......] 

Updated 11 August 2014 Deadline: October 31, 2014.

La Trobe Master of Information Technology Management Scholarship in Australia 2014

  • La Trobe University is inviting applications for management scholarship for students in the Master of Engineering Management offered by Business School at the Melbourne Campus[......] 

Updated 11 August 2014 Deadline: 24 October 2014.

2014-15  Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship for Africans

  • Miles Morland Foundation offers writing scholarship for writers every year. Up to three scholarships are awarded to African applicants or both of whose parents were born in Africa [......] 

Updated 11 August 2014 Deadline: October 31st 2014.

PhD Studentships in School of Health at UCLAN University of Central Lancashire in UK, 2014

  • Applications are invited for full-time PhD studentships in the School of Health at UCLAN university of Central Lancashire [.......] 

Updated 11 August 2014 Deadline: 31st August 2014.

2015 Sir Henry Dale Fellowships for postdoctoral scientists

  • Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust are awarding Sir Henry Dale Fellowships for postdoctoral scientists wishing to build their own UK-based independent research career addressing an important biomedical question [.......] 

Updated 11 August 2014 Deadline: 21 November 2014

2014-2015 Norwegian Government Quota Scheme for Eastern European , Developing and Central Asian Countries

  • Norwegian Government offers Quota Scheme for Developing Countries’ Students to study at selected Norwegian Universities [......] 

Updated 10 August 2014 Deadline:  1st December every year.

2015-2016 National Academy of Education / Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowships Program in USA

  • National Academy of Education offers postdoctoral fellowships program for full-time over one year or half-time over two years[.......] 

Updated 10 August 2014 Deadline: November 7, 2014.

2014 Abdou-Salam Quedraogo Fellowship for Sub-Saharan Africans

  • Bioversity International is awarding research fellowship to a young forest genetic resources scientist (under 40 years of age) in Sub-Saharan Africa [......] 

Updated 10 August 2014 Deadline: 24 August, 2014.

Law and Business Faculty Scholarships for Interactional Students at ACU in Australia, 2015

  • Australian Catholic University is funding scholarships for international students to commence a course offered by the School of Business course in 2014 and 2015 [......] 

Updated 10 August 2014 Deadline: The application deadlines vary according to the subjects.

2014 Vice Chancellors Scholarship for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students in UK

  • Applications are invited for Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship available for international students to study at BPP University[......] 

Updated 10 August 2014 Deadline: 1st October 2014.

2014-2015 ISU Bocconi Scholarships for Italian and International Students in Italy 

  • Applications are invited for Bocconi scholarships in Italy available for Italian students, EU-students & Non-EU students from Italian DPR n. 394 of 31 August 1999, enacting Italian D.Lgs. n. 286 of 25 July 1998 [.......]

Updated 07 August Deadline: 12th September 2014.

2015-2016 UNIL Masters Grants for International Students in Switzerland

  • Applications are invited for UNIL Masters Grants available for foreign students for autumn semester 2015 and spring semester 2016 intake[........] 

Updated 07 August Deadline: 15 December 2014.

2015 KAAD Scholarships for developing Countries' Students in Germany

Updated 07 August Deadline:end of November the previous year.

Full-Funded PhD Studentship in Medicine at Swansea Univerisity in UK 2014

  • Swansea University is inviting applications for fully-funded PhD studentship in Medicine[.......] Open until  22nd August 2014.

Updated 07 August Deadline:

Online Master Degree Competition at University of Roehampton in UK 2014

  • The University invites international applicants to Join the Roehampton Online Competition for a chance to win a free programme module within one of the 12 online masters programmes, valued at US$1,111[......]

Updated 07 August Deadline: August 21

2015-2016 FRIAS Cofund Fellowship Programme (FCFP) For International Researchers in Germany

  • University of Freiburg is offering  Fellowship to researchers regardless of their nationality and field of research for working on their own research project at FRIAS[.....] 

Updated 06 August Deadline:  October 15, 2014

2015 WCGE-LEIZ PhD Scholarships for Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business Program, Germany

  • WCGE)and LEIZ  invite applications for PhD scholarship in Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business [.......] 

Updated 06 August Deadline: October 15, 2014 for February 2015 intake.

2015 UQ Merit Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Music , Australia

  • Applications are invited for undergraduate merit scholarships to study a music degree at University of Queensland. Scholarships worth $6,000 are available for the duration of one year [.....] 

Updated 06 August Deadline: 31st August 2014.

Advanced Academia Fellowships for International Scholars in Bulgaria, 2014

  • The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS Sofia) announces a Call for Applications for its 2015/2016 In-Residence Advanced Academia Fellowships for fundamental research in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences [......] 

Updated 06 August Deadline: October 1, 2014.

2014-15 Woodrow Wilson International Center Residential Fellowships

  • The Wilson Center awards approximately 15-20 residential fellowships each year to scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals [.......] 

Updated 06 August Deadline: October 1, 2014.

2015 WAAW Foundation Scholarship for Undergraduate African Women

  • Applications are invited for WAAW Foundation 2015 scholarship [.......]  

Updated 05 August Deadline  31st October, 2014.

2015 Canon Foundation Research Fellowships for European and Japanese Researchers

  • The Canon Foundation annually offers research fellowships for European and Japanese researchers [......] 

Updated 05 August Deadline September 15.

PhD Fellowships in Theoretical Plasmonics and Nanophotonics for International Students in Spain 2014

  • The Institute of Photonic Sciences in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia – BarcelonaTech (UPC) invites application for PhD fellowships[......] 

Updated 05 August Deadline 31st August 2014.

35 SIM GE Scholarships for International Students in Singapore 2014

  • The SIM Global Education is offering undergraduate scholarships for local and international students [......]

Updated 05 August Deadline : There are two application periods per year and closing dates for application are on the last day of March and September respectively.

Competitive Scholarships for International Students at IUPUI in USA , 2014-2015

  • Applications are invited for competitive scholarships available for undergraduate students to study at Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis [.......] 

Updated 05 August Deadline :15th November 2014.

2015 Kofi Annan Fellowships for Developing countries' Students in Germany

  • European School of Management Technology in cooperation with the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation offers fellowships to obtain a university degree in Europe [......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline :Sept 30, annually

2015 Intermediate Fellowships for Developing countries in Public Health and Tropical Medicine

  • Wellcome Trust is offering research fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine [.......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline :  next round:
 deadline: 31 October 2014.
 Full application deadline: 26 January 2015.

Assured Scholarships for Undergraduate Students at Texas State University in USA , 2015-16

  • Applications are invited for undergraduate scholarships available for US and international students to study at Texas State University [.......]

Updated 04 August Deadline : 15th December 2014.

Henry Luce Foundation / ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowships in China Studies, 2015

  • The Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Program in China Studies seeks applications for postdoctoral fellowships [.......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline : October 1, 2014 

Cancer Research UK Career Development Fellowship, 2014-15

  • The Cancer Research UK is offering Career Development Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers or early career researchers in any area of Cancer Research UK’s funding remit, with the exception of end-of-life care and clinical trials [.......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline : 3 October 2014.

2015 Netherlands Fellowship Programme for Developing countries's Student

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation is offering Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) for developing country applicants [.......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline :4 November 2014.

2014 UOW Undergraduate Excellence / Academic Merit Scholarships in Australia

  • University of Wollongong is awarding undergraduate scholarships for Australian and international students to study at Australian campuses [......]   

Updated 04 August Deadline :29 August 2014.

2015 Monash University Jubilee Honours Scholarships in Australia

  • The Monash University is offering honours scholarships for Australian or New Zealand and International students [.......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline : 31st October 2014.

2015 Chevening Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in UK

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations offer Chevening scholarships for master students [......]

Updated 04 August Deadline : 15th November 2014.

2014 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (RESPIRE 2) for International Applicants

  • European Respiratory society is inviting applications for ERS/EU RESPIRE 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships [......] 

Updated 04 August Deadline : 31st October 2014.

VLIR-UOS Call Short Training Initiatives (KOI), 2015

  • Applications are invited for VLIR-UOS short training scholarships available for practical training of 1 to 2 weeks at a Flemish university or university college in Flanders or in a VLIR-UOS partner country for which VLIR-UOS elaborated a country strategy [......] 

Updated 01August Deadline : 20th October 2014.

Phillip Miller College Scholarships in USA , 2015

  • Phillip Miller is offering College scholarships for anyone over the age of 50 who is going back to school [......] 

Updated 01August Deadline : January 1, 2015.

Canadian Government Master and Doctoral Research Scholarships 2015-16

  • Applications are invited for Canadian Government research scholarships to undertake a master’s or doctoral’s program in natural science, mathematics or engineering research [......] 

Updated 01August Deadline : 2nd October 2014

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