2016-2018 List of Free Scholarships

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Lila Fahlman Scholarship for Muslim Women in Canada , 2016

  • CCMW (Canadian Council of Muslim Women) is offering Lila Fahlman Scholarship for Muslim women[……]

Updated 25 may 2016 Deadline:May 29 2016..

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Dorothy Nicol Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africa at University of Stirling in UK, 2016

  • University of Stirling is offering scholarship for students from Sub-Saharan Africa for entry in September 2016[……]

Updated 25 may 2016 Deadline:27th May 2016

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Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program for Egyptian Students .2016-17

  • Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) offers scholarship program for Egyption students[……]

Updated 25 may 2016 Deadline:15 June 2016. 

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DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan African Students 2016-17

  • Development Research Division (DRD) of the African Excellence Centre at UWC is offering scholarships for Sub-Saharan African students[……]

Updated 25 may 2016 Deadline:15  July 2016.

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IHRC Archives Grants in Aid Program for US and International Citizens in USA, 2016-2017

  • The Immigration History Research Center is offering research grants for travel to the IHRCA for research in any IHRCA collection for 2016/2017 academic year.[……]

Updated 23 may 2016 Deadline: June 1 .

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International Office Scholarships at University of Warwick in UK, 2016

  • University of Warwick is offering intern'tal office scholarships for pursuing Five scholarships of £8,500 each will be available for prospective undergraduate students[……]

Updated 23 may 2016 Deadline: Friday 10 June 2016 (17:00 UK time).

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IIASA Postdoctoral Scholarships for International Applicants in Austria 2016-17

  • Every year IIASA provides full funding for several postdoctoral researchers. Scholars are expected to conduct their own research in collaboration with one or more of IIASA's research programs or special projects in an interdisciplinary way[……]

Updated 23 may 2016 Deadline: 1 October ( 2016) &  1 April, 1 October (  2017 ) . 

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Gini Foundation Grants for Foreign Students in Italy, 2016-17

  • The Fondazione “Ing. Aldo Gini” is awarding grants for foreign students who are less than 35 years old at the closing date for the call[……]

Updated 23 may 2016 Deadline:September 15, 2016..

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UNU-INWEH Masters Scholarships for Developing Country Students , 2016

  • United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) is pleased to offer limited number of scholarships for qualified candidates from developing countries on a competitive basis[……]

Updated 19 may 2016 Deadline: June 30, 2016.

Frankfurt School STIBET III Matching Funds Scholarships in Germany , 2016

  • Federal Foreign Office and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is delighted to offer scholarships for bachelor and master degree programme[……]

Updated 19 may 2016 Deadline:May 31, 2016 

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The eoSurgical ESSQ Scholarship at University of Edinburgh in UK, 2016-17

  • The University of Edinburgh will offer one Masters scholarship for the MSc in Surgical Sciences distance learning programme at the University commencing in the 2016-2017 academic year[……]

Updated 19 may 2016 Deadline: no later than 1st July 2016.

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Special Scholarship Program (SSP) for International Doctoral Students in Japan, 2016-17

  • Kochi University of Technology offers special scholarship program for international students to pursue doctoral degree within the department of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering[……]

Updated 19 may 2016 Deadline: September 16, 2016.

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The Baden Wurttemberg Scholarship for German and Foreign Applicants  2016-17

  • Applications are invited for The Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarship programme to support during short academic stays abroad. German and foreign applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarship[……]

Updated 17 may 2016 Deadline: October, 15th 2016. 

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TWAS IMU Graduate Fellowships in Mathematical Sciences, 2016

  •  Applications are invited for IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships in collaboration with TWAS for the year 2016[……]

Updated 17 may 2016 Deadline: 22 June 2016.

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Ministry of Education Short Term Research Award (STRA) in Taiwan, , 2016-17

  • Applications for Ministry of Education Short Term Research Award (STRA) in Taiwan, is now opened[……]

Updated 17 may 2016 Deadline:  no later than September 30th for the following year’s Research project. 

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Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for African and Asian Women Scholars   , 2016

  • HEC Paris is offering Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarship for September and January intake[……]

Updated 17 may 2016 Deadline: une 15th for the September intake and November 26th for the January intake.

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SINGA PhD Awards for International Students in Singapore, 2016

  • Applications are invited for SINGA Awards for January 2016 intake [……]

Updated 16 may 2016 Deadline:  June 2016 for August 2016 intake.

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2016-2017 ITTO Fellowship Programme for International Students, Japan 

  • Applications are invited for ITTO Fellowship Programme available for International students from ITTO Member countries in the field of tropical forestry, tropical timber industries and related disciplines[……]

Updated 16 may 2016 Deadline: 15 August 2016.

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Special Scholarship Program (SSP) for International Doctoral Students in Japan, 2016-17

  • Kochi University of Technology offers special scholarship program for international students to pursue doctoral degree within the department of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering[……]

Updated 16 may 2016 Deadline: September 16, 2016.

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Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship Program at St. George’s University in USA  , 2016-17

  • .St. George’s University, Grenada is funding sixty full tuition scholarships which cover both graduate and undergraduate degree programs in Grenada, West Indies[……]

Updated 16 may 2016 Deadline:  June 1 for August class and November 1 for January class

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TWAS-CIIT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in pakistan , 2016

Updated 14 may 2016 Deadline: 31 August of each year.

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INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF)Diversity need based scholarships 

  • INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) is funding Diversity need based scholarships annually at INSEAD campuses[……]

Updated 14 may 2016 Deadline: December 17 Class:Round 2:Applications Open: 23 May 2016 ; Deadline: 6 June 2016; Round 3:Applications Open: 18 July 2016;Deadline: 3 August 2016.

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APU International Student Scholarships in Malaysia, 2016

  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) is awarding international student scholarships for students joining APU programmes in 2016 onwards[……]

Updated 14 may 2016 Deadline: 31 August 2016.

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Coventry University International Merit Scholarships in UK, 2016

  • Applications are invited for international merit scholarships to undertake full-time undergraduate (including top-up programmes) or postgraduate programme at Coventry University London Campus[……]

Updated 14 may 2016 Deadline: September 2016 intake: 1 August 2016 ; January 2017 intake: 1 November 2016 ; April 2017 intake: 1 February 2017.

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Eira Francis Davies Scholarship for Developing Countries’ Female Students at Swansea University in UK, 2016

  • College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University is inviting applications for Eira Francis Davies Scholarship available for female students from eligible Developing Countries[……]

Updated 13 may 2016 Deadline:  1st July 2016.

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Human Life Advancement Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships , 2016

  • Human Life Advancement Foundation invites applications for Science and Technology scholarships available for local and international students at any recognised global universities worldwide[……]

Updated 13 may 2016 Deadline 15th June every year.

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Atlas Corps Paid Fellowship Program for Global Leaders in USA,  2016-17

  • Atlas Corps is offering paid fellowship program for global leaders at host organizations in the USA[……]

Updated 13 may 2016 Deadline: July 15, 2016 for the January 2017 class, but applications accepted year-round.

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UCT Klaus-Jurgen Bathe Leadership Scholarships for International Students, 2016 

  • University of Cape Town is offering undergraduate scholarships enrolled in any of the six Faculties of UCT[……]

Updated 13 may 2016 Deadline: 31 July 2016.

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Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students in USA , 2016-17

  • Applications are invited for Stanford Dhirubhai Fellowship from Indian Students who need financial assistance in obtaining an MBA at Stanford[……]

Updated 11 may 2016 Deadline15 June 2016. 

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University of Macerata International Scholarships in Italy , 2016-17 

  • For the academic year 2016-2017, University of Macerata is offering up to 7 international scholarships[……]

Updated 11 may 2016 Deadline 05 September 2016.

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate International Scholarships at University of Brighton., 2016-17

  • For 2016 entry, there are 30 University of Brighton international scholarships available to new, full-time international postgraduate taught-degree students[……]

Updated 11 may 2016 Deadline31 July 2016.

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Brett Murphy Future Leaders Scholarship in USA , 2016-17

  • The Brett Murphy is offering Future Leaders Scholarship to law school students who are working towards their Juris Doctorate degree. Scholarship is awarded for pursuing a degree in law with an interest in personal injury law[……]

Updated 11 may 2016 DeadlineJuly 15, 2016.

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Stanford Africa MBA Fellowships in USA, 2016

  • Applications are invited for Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship from African students who have completed or be in the final year of completing, their university studies[……]

Updated 10 may 2016 Deadline15 June 2016. 

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BNU Scholarship for International Students in China ,2016

  • Beijing Normal University is inviting applications for international scholarship to undertake undergraduate , masters and PhD degree programme[……]

Updated 10 may 2016 Deadline

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LLM Scholarships for UK/EU and International Students at University of Birmingham, UK , 2016

  • Birmingham Law School is inviting application for LLM Scholarships available for UK/EU and international students (Non EU)[……]

Updated 10 may 2016 Deadline24 June 2016.

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LJMU Roscoe International Scholarships for Masters Students in UK , 2016

  • Liverpool John Moores University is awarding international scholarships for one year taught Masters programme at the University[……]

Updated 10 may 2016 Deadline5 June 2016. 

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NRF Scholarships for Part Time Doctoral Studies in South Africa, 2016

  • Applications are invited for NRF scholarship available to part-time registered doctoral students in order to enable them to complete doctoral studies[……]

Updated 09 may 2016 Deadline:29 June 2016.

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German Bundestag International Parliamentary Scholarships (IPS) in Germany, 2016

  • German Bundestag offers international parliamentary scholarships to highly qualified, dedicated, open-minded and politically interested young men and women who have the will to shape the democratic future of their country actively and responsibly[……]

Updated 09 may 2016 Deadline:30 June 2016. 

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International Students House Residential Scholarships for Developing Countries in UK , 2016/17

  • Applications are invited for ISH residential scholarships in London for the September 2016/17 intake. Students should be from a developing or emerging country and intending to return on completion of their studies[……]

Updated 09 may 2016 Deadline: for 2016/17, all scholarship applications must be made through our institutional partners (usually London-based universities).If you have any questions about ISH scholarships please email scholarships@ish.org.uk  

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ICHR Senior Academic Fellowships (SAF) for SC/ST/PWD Candidates in India, 2016

  • Indian Council of Historical Research is offering senior academic fellowships (SAF) for SC/ST/PWD candidates[……]

Updated 07 may 2016 Deadline: 23 June 2016.

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 Richard H Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships in Canada, 2016  

  • McGill University is offering doctoral fellowships for new graduate students[……]

Updated 07 may 2016 Deadline: June 16 th, 2016.

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Microsoft Research Asia PhD Fellowship in China, 2016

  • Applications are invited for Microsoft Research Asia Fellowships from junior PhD students to pursue their research interests while taking tangible and worthwhile steps toward building a successful career[……]

Updated 07 may 2016 Deadline: June 25, 2016. 

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EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships for International Students in France, 2016

  • Applications are invited for EDHEC Global M B A Scholarships available for students from around the world[……]

Updated 07 may 2016 Deadline:  for September 2016 intake is 30th June 2016 and January 2017 intake is 30th November, 2016.

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BIGS Scholarships for German and Non-German Applicants , 2016

  • Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics is offering two type of scholarships i.e. Hausdorff scholarship for pursuing PhD programme as well as qualifying scholarship for pursuing MSc programme[……]

Updated 06 may 2016 Deadline:  15 May 2016 for Admission in October 2016.

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University of Aberdeen Development Trust International Taught Scholarship in UK, 2016

  • University of Aberdeen is offering Development Trust International Taught Scholarship for 2016-2017 academic year[……]

Updated 06 may 2016 Deadline:  29th of July 2016

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JGC-S Scholarship for International Students in Japan2016

  • Tokushima University is inviting students to enroll in the graduate school of science or technology[……]

Updated 05 may 2016 Deadline: May 9, 2016.

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RUB Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Programme in Germany , 2016

  • Applications are invited for scholarship programme to pursue first time or second degree studies for winter semester 2016/2017[……]

Updated 05 may 2016 Deadline: 31st May 2016.

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Yousef Jameel Doctoral Scholarships for Arabic Countries in Germany , 2016

  • Humboldt-University is offering five doctoral scholarships in Germany. Applicants from Arabic countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme[……]

Updated 05 may 2016 Deadline: 5th July 2016

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