2015-2017 List of Free Scholarships

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Sofja Kovalevskaja Award in Germany, 2016

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research is awarding Sofja Kovalevskaja Award for Scientists and scholars from all countries and disciplines who completed their doctorates with distinction less than six years ago[........] 

Updated 29 May 2015 Deadline:31 July 2015.

HAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for German and International Researchers, 2016

  • The Herzog August Bibliothek is awarding postdoctoral fellowships to conduct research n the areas of medieval and early modern cultural history[........]

Updated 29 May 2015 Deadline: January 31st , 2016.

2015 Randy Pausch Scholarship for Undergraduate and Graduate Program in USA

  • The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences invites application for Randy Pausch Scholarship available for undergraduate students starting their second year or graduate students attending an US accredited college or university[.......]  

Updated 29 May 2015 Deadline:June 30, 2015 .

2015-2016 Richard H Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships in Canada

  • McGill University is offering doctoral fellowships for new graduate students[......] 

Updated 29 May 2015 Deadline: June 16 th, 2015

2015/2017 EURIAS Fellowships Programme: Call for Applications

  • For the 2016-2017 academic year, EURIAS offers 43 fellowships (21 junior and 22 senior positions)[…….]

Updated 29 May 2015 Deadline:June 5th, 2015.

2016 Miller Research Fellowship at University of California in USA

  • Applications are invited for Miller research fellowship department chairs, faculty advisors, professors and research scientists at Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science around the world[.......]

Updated 27 May 2015 Deadline:  September 10, 2015.

2016 Ernest Rutherford Research Fellowship for International Fellows in UK

  • Applications are invited for Ernest Rutherford Fellowship from early career researchers who do not have a permanent academic position[........] 

Updated 27 May 2015 Deadline:24 September 2015.

2015 Daniel Pearl Fellowship for Journalists in USA

  • Applications are invited for Daniel Pearl Fellowship from professional journalists of Muslim-majority countries[........] 

Updated 27 May 2015 Deadline:August 1, 2015.

2015 UWE MSc International Management Scholarship in UK

  • University of the West of England is awarding MSc scholarship in international management for international students[.......]

Updated 27 May 2015 Deadline: 14 June 2015.

2016 K-Arts Art Major Asian Scholarship Program in Korea Korea

  • National University of Arts is offering Art Major Asian Scholarship to conduct advanced studies[..........] 

Updated 27 May 2015 Deadline:31 July, 2015.

2015 Lila Fahlman Scholarship for Muslim Women in Canada

  • CCMW is offering Lila Fahlman Scholarship for Muslim women. And scholarships will be awarded to women who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate programs at a Canadian college or university[.......] 

Updated 26 May 2015 Deadline: May 29 2015.

2015 Tianjin Government Scholarship (TGS) for International Students in China

  • Tianjin Government is offering scholarship for international students for pursuing undergraduate, masters and doctoral program in Tianjin[.......]

Updated 26 May 2015 Deadline:  June 15.

2016 Balmoral Residential Fellowships for International Visual Artists in Germany

  • Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral offers residential fellowships for visual artists for a period of three or nine months[........] 

Updated 26 May 2015 Deadline: June 30th 2015 (date of postmark)

2015-2016 TYLENOL Scholarship Program 

  • TYLENOL® is awarding $250,000 in scholarships to college students pursuing healthcare related degrees[.......] 

Updated 26 May 2015 Deadline: June 30, 2015

2015 SVS International Scholars Program for Young Vascular Surgeons, USA

Updated 26 May 2015 Deadline:  June 14, 2015 

2016-2017 DAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries’ Students

  • Applications are invited for DAAD scholarships from developing countries‘ students[.......] 

Updated 24 May 2015 Deadline: Please contact the respective eligible institutions regarding the application deadline, because the application deadlines may vary from university to university.

2015 QUT Faculty of Education International Student Scholarship in Australia

  • Applications are invited for education scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students[........]

Updated 24 May 2015 Deadline: 9 June 2015.

2015 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program and U.S. Diversity Fellowship, USA

  • The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society invites applications for Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program[........] 

Updated 24 May 2015 Deadline: * June 1, 2015 for citizens of countries other than the United States who are residing outside the U.S. ; *  June 30, 2015 for United States residents outside the New York/New Jersey/ Connecticut area.

2015 Barcelona GSE Master Scholarships for International Students in Spain

  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers a number of tuition waivers for master program[........]

Updated 24 May 2015 Deadline:Students from outside the EU can apply until June 25, 2015, due to visa issues.

2016 ECCO Research Fellowships for International Applicants in Europe

  • The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization (ECCO) is offering two research fellowships for young and enthusiastic basic and/or clinical scientists to promote and encourage innovative research in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases[......]

Updated 24 May 2015 Deadline:] September 1, 2015

2015 World Youth Alliance Internship in USA

  • World Youth Alliance (WYA) is offering internship to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests[.......] 

Updated 22 May 2015 Deadline: Europe - Deadline
Jul 19, 2015 for Internship Period Sep 14-Dec 11, 2015 ; Latin America-Deadline Jul 3, 2015 for Internship Period Sep 26-Dec 11, 2015 ; Middle East- Deadline Aug 15, 2015 for Internship Period Sep 28, 2015-Jan 14, 2016 ; North America – Deadline Jul 3, 2015 for Internship Period Sep 16-Dec 11, 2015

2015 CTFS-ForestGEO Research Grants for International Researchers in USA

  • The Center for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS) is awarding research grants for researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to use existing CTFS-ForestGEO plots to conduct research with scientists affiliated with them[...….]

Updated 22 May 2015 Deadline: 5PM EDT, Monday, June 15th, 2015

2015-16 Edinburgh Business School MBA Scholarships by Distance Learning in UK

  • Canon Collins Trust is inviting applications on behalf of Edinburgh Business School for its distance learning MBA programme[.......] 

Updated 22 May 2015 Deadline:15:00 GMT on Thu, 25 June 2015.

2015 Cocoa Borlaug Fellowships for Asia, Latin America and Caribbean

  • Applications are invited for Cocoa B Fellowship Program available for the citizens Asia, Latin America and Caribbean. Fellows will work with a mentor at an US university, research center or government agency for up to three months[........] 

Updated 22 May 2015 Deadline:September 30, 2015

P4hpt PhD and Masters Scholarships for African Students, 2015

  • Partnering for Health Professionals Training in African Universities (P4HPT), an EU funded project under the Intra-ACP Academic Mobility Scheme is offering PhD and masters scholarships for African students[.......]

Updated 21 May 2015 Deadline: 12th June 2015

2015 WIT International Student Scholarships in Ireland

  • Waterford Institute of Technology is offering international scholarships for pursuing undergraduate or a Higher Diploma programme and taught Masters programmes[......] 

Updated 21 May 2015 Deadline: 15th June 2015 for September 2015 intake.

2015 Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarships

  • Zonta International Foundation is offering Business scholarships for women pursuing business or business-related degree[...]

 Updated 21 May 2015 Deadline: 1 July 2015.

Van Oord MBA Scholarship for Developing Countries at IMD in Switzerland, 2016

  • Van Oord family and IMD is funding one full time MBAscholarship for the students of developing countries[.......]

Updated 19 May 2015 Deadline:September 30, 2015.

2016 Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship Programme in South Africa

  • Applications are invited for Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship to provide educational opportunities to young postgraduate students from Africa[......] .

Updated 19 May 2015 Deadline:15 June 2015

Microsoft Research Asia PhD Fellowship in China, 2015

  • Applications are invited for Microsoft Research Asia Fellowships from junior PhD students to pursue their research interests while taking tangible and worthwhile steps toward building a successful career […]

Updated 19 May 2015 Deadline: June 20, 2015.

2016 Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Award for International Students in Australia

  • Australian Government invites applications for Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Award available for international students[.......] 

Updated 19 May 2015 Deadline:30th June 2015.

EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships for International Students in France, 2015

  • Applications are invited for EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships available for students from around the world[.......] 

Updated 19 May 2015 Deadline:for September 2015 intake is 30th June 2015 and January 2016 intake is 30th November, 2015.

2015-2016 Concordia University Undergraduate Entrance Bursary in Canada

  • Concordia University is offering undergraduate entrance bursary program in Canada[......]

Updated 18 May 2015 Deadline: Sunday June 14 2015 at midnight.

2015 Aichi Scholarship Program for Asian Students in Japan

  • The Aichi Prefectural Government is offering ten scholarships to graduate level students from Asian countries who are nominated by the universities in Aichi[.......] 

Updated 18  May 2015 Deadline: between March-May 2015.

OWSD Postgraduate Training Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries, 2015

  • Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) is offering fellowships for women scientists from Sub-Saharan Africa and Least Developed Countries (LDC)[......] 

Updated 18  May 2015 Deadline: 31 July 2015.

2015 Caitlin Brondolo Scholarship for Female High School Senior Students in USA

  • Caitlin Brondolo Charitable Foundation is offering undergraduate scholarship to female high school senior[......] 

Updated 18  May 2015 Deadline: 31st May 2015.

2015 Gradlink Africa Scholarship at UWE Bristol University in UK

  • The Gradlink with UWE Bristol University is offering seven Africa scholarships for Ghanaian, Kenyan and Nigerian students[.......]

Updated 18  May 2015 Deadline:  14 June 2015

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