2017-2019 List of Free Scholarships

STIAS Iso Lomso Fellowship Programme for Research in Africa , 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for STIAS Iso Lomso Fellowships Programme for research in Africa[……..]

 Updated 29 May 2017 Deadline: the STIAS terms run from mid-January to mid-June, and again from mid-July to early December, with two periods of recess in between.

2017 UCLA Extension Laurel Hummel Scholarship for International Students, USA

  • International Student Office at UCLA Extension is inviting application for Laurel Hummel scholarship available for international students[……..]

 Updated 29 May 2017 Deadline:August 1

CCRIF Scholarships for CARICOM and/or CCRIF Member Countries, 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for C C R I F Scholarships available to students at the postgraduate level to pursue study in areas related to disaster risk management[……..]

 Updated 29 May 2017 Deadline: June 4 2017

University College Venlo Scholarship in Netherlands, 2017-18

  •  University College Venlo (UCV) offers financial support to five students up to €12.000 per student[……..]

 Updated 28 May 2017 Deadline: 1 August 2017 (for the 1 September 2017 intake).

BIGS Scholarships for German and Non-German Applicants , 2017-18

  • Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics is offering two type of scholarships[……..]

 Updated 28 May 2017 Deadline: 15 December 2017 for admission in April or October 2018.

RUB Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Programme in Germany , 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for scholarship programme to pursue first time or second degree studies for winter semester 2017/2018[……..]

 Updated 28 May 2017 Deadline: Online application procedure for RUB students and those changing courses: 24/04/2017- 01/06/2017.

Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme in UK,  2017-18

  • Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme is available for mid-career postdoctoralscientists with a minimum of 2 years experience from developing countries[……..]

 Updated 27 May 2017 Deadline: 12:00 UK time (GMT) on Monday 16 October 2017. 

AAUW International Fellowships for Women in USA, 2017-18 

  • Applications are invited for AAUW International Fellowships available for women who are not US citizens or permanent residents[……..]

 Updated 27 May 2017 Deadline applications for AAUW International Fellowships are open:August 1–December 1. 

AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGLS) for International Students in USA, 2017

  • American University is awarding an emerging global leader scholarship for international students[……..]

 Updated 27 May 2017 Deadline:15 December 2017.

Merit Scholarships for International Students at Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis in USA ,2017-18

  • Applications are invited for merit scholarships available for international undergraduate students to study at Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis[……..]

 Updated 26 May 2017 Deadline:1st November  (fall honours) and October 1(spring).

Victoria Doctoral Scholarships for New Zealand and International Students in New Zealand, 2017-18

  • Victoria University of Wellington is offering doctoral scholarships for New Zealand and international students in any discipline[……..]

 Updated 26 May 2017 Deadline:1 July and 1 November. CLOSING DATES FOR APPLICATIONS: 01 November 2017 Currently, the closing dates are, 1 July and 1 November. 

Monash University Malaysia Research Degrees Scholarships for Malaysian and International Students, 2017-18

  • Monash University Malaysia is offering research scholarships to Malaysian and international students. Malaysian citizens or permanent residents must contribute 10 hours/week in academic teaching and/or research training[……..]

 Updated 26 May 2017 Deadline:Round 3 - 02 August 2017 

Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Post-graduate Scholarship , 2017-18

  • The Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI) is a multidisciplinary post-graduate academic institute established in 2005, under the initiative of Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol[……..]

 Updated 25 May 2017 Deadline: 31 October 2017. 

RSM MBA Scholarships for International Students in Netherlands 2017-18  

  • Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is offering MBA scholarships for international students[……..]

 Updated 25 May 2017 Deadline: There are four applications  Monday, 26 June 2017 , Monday, 21 August 2017, Monday, 16 October 2017 , Monday, 13 November 2017.

University of Iowa Presidential Scholarship for US and International Students,2017-18

  • University of Iowa is offering presidential scholarship for incoming first-year students (non-stackable)[……..]

 Updated 25 May 2017 Deadline:  the 2018 Presidential Scholarship application will be available on the Iowa Scholarship Portal mid-September 2017. The deadline to apply for the 2018 Presidential Scholarship will be announced by the Honors Program early fall 2017. 

AAHD FREDERICK J. KRAUSE Scholarship Program on Health and Disability in USA,2017-18

  • Applications are invited for Disability scholarship available to a deserving student with a disability who is pursuing undergraduate/graduate studies (must be at least enrolled as a Junior in college) in an accredited university[……..]

 Updated 24 May 2017 Deadline: November 15, 2017.

Stern Merit-Based Scholarships for Domestic and International Students in USA New York 2017-18

  • University Stern is awarding merit-based scholarships for MBA program. Awards range from partial tuition to full tuition fees[……..]

 Updated 24 May 2017 Deadline: The application deadlines are:
1st Deadline: October 15; 
2nd Deadline: November 15; 3rd Deadline: January 15; 
4th Deadline: March 15 .

Community Solutions Fellowship for developing Countries , 2017-18

  • IREX is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Community Solutions Fellowship Program[……..]

 Updated 24 May 2017 Deadline: Applications are typically accepted from October through November of each year.

Eisenhower Fellowships for African Applicants in USA, 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for Eisenhower Fellowship available for individuals who have a demonstrated track record of significant professional and community achievements and who seek to tackle big challenges in the future[……..]

 Updated 23 May 2017 Deadline:  June 8, 2017.

Patrick McAuslan Scholarship for LLM at Birkbeck University of London in UK, 2017-18

  • Birkbeck, University of London is offering Patrick McAuslan Scholarship for students from East African countries[……..]

 Updated 23 May 2017 Deadline:midnight 30th November 2017.  

Israeli Government Scholarships for Foreign Students , 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for Israeli Government Scholarships available for foreign students in Israel[……..]

 Updated 23 May 2017 Deadline: November 30 each .

31 Monash International Merit Scholarships in Australia,2017-18

  • Monash University is awarding up to 31 merit scholarships for international students.[……..]

 Updated 22 May 2017 Deadline: Round seven: July 7 Semester two of the current year & Round one: October 15 Semester one or two of the following year

Snorri Sturluson Icelandic Fellowships for International Applicants , 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for Snorri Sturluson Icelandic fellowships available in the field of humanities[……..]

 Updated 22 May 2017 Deadline:no later than 31 October each year to: . 

2017 JNCASR-CICS Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries in India

  • Applications are invited for JNCASR-CICS Fellowship Programme to encourage mobility of scientists from developing countries[……..]

 Updated 22 May 2017 Deadline:31st October every year.

2017-18 Global Ambassador Scholarship at KDI School of Public Policy & Management in Korea

  • KDI School of Public Policy & Management is offering global ambassador scholarship for admitted international students[……..]

 Updated 20 May 2017 Deadline: the deadline for Fall 2017 admissions is May 24th, 2017.  

AUT Doctoral Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand , 2017-18

  • The Auckland University of Technology is pleased to offer doctoral scholarships for full-time domestic and international students[……..]

 Updated 20 May 2017 Deadline: 15/10/2017

WPP MBA Fellowship Program for International Applicants,2017-18

  • The WPP MBA Fellowship Program 2018 intake is open to applicants who have graduated or who have completed their Master of Business Administration coursework from August 2017 – August 2018[……..]

 Updated 20 May 2017 Deadline: application form for the 2018 Intake for the WPP MBA Fellowship Program will be available here from August 15th 2017 - October 11th 2017. 

Kingston MBA Scholarship for UK and International Students , 2017-18

  • Kingston Business School is awarding MBA Scholarships for September 2017 intake[……..]

 Updated 19 May 2017 Deadline: 30th June 2017.

MS International Federation McDonald Fellowships for Developing Countries in UK, 2017-18

  • Result will be announced in late September. MS International Federation is awarding a number of McDonald Fellowships to young researchers from emerging countries[……..]

 Updated 19 May 2017 Deadline:  30 June each year.

Wellcome Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science ,  2017

  • Wellcome Foundation is pleased to offer Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science to study in the UK[……..]

 Updated 19 May 2017 Deadline : 6 July 2017; Full application deadline: 21 September 2017. 

Nestle Scholarship for Women at IMD in Switzerland 2017-18 

  • IMD, Switzerland is offering Nestlé scholarship for women from around the world (preference given to developing countries)[……..]

 Updated 18 May 2017 Deadline:septemeber 30.

Shiraz University Undergraduate International Scholarship Program in Shiraz, Iran, 2017-18

  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences will award a variety of scholarships to the applicants demonstrating outstanding educational skills[……..]

 Updated 18 May 2017 Deadline: there is no deadline for this application.

SUTD PhD Fellowship in Manybody Quantum Physics, Singapore , 2017-18

  • SUTD Singapore University of Technology and Design is offering PhD Positions[……..]

 Updated 18 May 2017 Deadline: 15 September 2017 (for January 2018 intake).

IMT PhD Program for International Students in Italy 2017-18 

  • Applications are invited for three year IMT PhD program starting in November 2017 available to candidates without regard to nationality, age, gender or religion[……..]

 Updated 17 May 2017 Deadline: July 18th, 2017 at 12:00 Italian time.

MIF Research Fellowship Program for International Researchers in Japan, 2017-18

  • Applications are invited for MIF fellowships to carry out research at selected host institutions in Japan. Approx 20 fellowships are awarded for applicants of non-Japanese nationality who hold a PhD (Doctorate) degree[……..]

 Updated 17 May 2017 Deadline: August 31, 2017.

ESP Guitar Scholarship for International Students, 2017-18

  • The ESP Guitar Company is sponsoring an associate scholarship program for fall 2017. International and U.S. citizens are eligible for this associate scholarship[……..]

 Updated 17 May 2017 Deadline: June 2nd, 2017 & Fall 2017 Deadline is: September 1st, 2017. 

INSA Medal for Young Scientists in India, 2017-18

  • Indian National Science Academy is inviting nominations for INSA Medal for Young Scientists in India[……..]

 Updated 16 May 2017 Deadline: October 31, 2017.

CEU IAS Senior and Junior Core Fellowship in Hungary ,  2017-18

  • Applications are invited for CEU IAS fellowship available for the academic year 2018/2019[……..]

Updated 16 May 2017 Deadline:  22 September 2017 .

Griffith International Postgraduate Coursework Excellence Scholarships in Australia 2017-18

  • Griffith University is offering international excellence scholarships for undertaking Postgraduate coursework programme during the academic year 2017-2018[……..]

Updated 16 May 2017 Deadline: Friday, 30 June (for 30 October commencement). Outcome notified by end of July..  

University of Pisa Scholarships for Master Risk Management (MRM) Program , 2017-18

  • University of Pisa is offering a limited number of masters scholarships in the area of risk management[……..]

 Updated 15 May 2017 Deadline: The MRM Admission Committee will consider applications as follows: First deadline: 15 June 2017. Second recommended deadline for non-Italian students: 22 September 2017. Second deadline for Italian students: 3 October 2017. 

Santander Masters Studentship in Modern Languages at Cardiff University in UK, 2017-18

  • Cardiff University is offering scholarships of £5,000 funded by Santander bank to selected postgraduate students from Latin American countries who wish to study with us from September 2017[……..]

 Updated 15 May 2017 Deadline: Sunday, 14 May 2017. 

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program at Harvard University in USA, 2017-18

  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study of the Harvard University is offering international fellowship program for scholars, scientists, artists and writers who wish to pursue advanced work in academic and professional fields and creative arts[……..]

 Updated 15 May 2017 Deadline:  May 15, 2017.  

2017-18 Abe Fellowship Program for International Multidisciplinary Research

  • The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) are inviting applications for the Abe fellowship program[……..]

 Updated 13 May 2017 Deadline: September 1, 2017.

Ulm University Degree Scholarships for International Students in Germany, 2017-18

  • Ulm University is offering degree scholarships for international students. The scholarships support students at Ulm University, who are nearing graduation and in need through no fault of their own[……..]

 Updated 13 May 2017 Deadline: 30th September .& 28.02. 

ETH Zurich Research Grants in Switzerland, 2017-18

  •  Applications are invited for Research Grants for international applicants. in Switzerland[……..]

 Updated 13 May 2017 Deadline: September 1

JEV Fellowship for European Administrative History in Germany 2017-18

  • The Board of the German University Foundation offers research fellowship in Germany[……..]

 Updated 12 May 2017 Deadline: Applications for scholarships starting in January must be submitted on September 30th of the preceding year,

PRSSA Robin M Urbanski Memorial Scholarship in USA,  2017-18

  •  Public Relation Student Society of America is offering memorial scholarship to honor a student for his/her mentoring of others and his/her commitment to public relations[……..]

 Updated 12 May 2017 Deadline:  May 26, 2017.

Mandela Scholarship Fund for South African Students in Netherlands ,  2017-18

  • Leiden University is inviting applications for exchange and study abroad students from South Africa who would like to come to Leiden University to pursue their studies for 1 semester[……..]

 Updated 12 May 2017 Deadline: 1 October 2017 for programs starting in February 2018 & April 2017 for programs starting in September 2018

INTO St George Foundation Scholarships for International Students in UK 2017-18

  • INTO St. George’s Foundation is offering scholarships for international students for September 2017 intake[……..]

 Updated 11 May 2017 Deadline: 7th July 2017.

Ernest Rutherford Research Fellowship for International Fellows in UK ,  2017-18

  • Applications are invited for Ernest Rutherford Fellowship from early career researchers who do not have a permanent academic position. Each Fellowship will last for five years, with up to 12 being offered annually[……..]

 Updated 11 May 2017 Deadline:  4:00 pm Thursday 21 September 2017.

ICO Three-Month Fellowships in Ophthalmology for Developing Countries, 2017-18

  • The International Council of Ophthalmology is offering approximately 60 fellowships in ophthalmology[……..]

Updated 11 May 2017 Deadline:  September 30 each year. 

University of Lugano Study Grants for Master’s Programme s in Switzerland, 2017-18

  • For the academic year 2017/2018, the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of the University of Lugano will award a total of 60 one-off study grants of the amount of CHF4’000 each[……..]

 Updated 10 May 2017 Deadline:   July 31st, 2017. 

2017 European Respiratory Society Research Fellowships (RESPIRE 2) for International Applicants 

  • European Respiratory society is inviting applications for ERS/EU RESPIRE 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships[……..]

 Updated 10 May 2017 Deadline:  3 July, 2017 at 23:59 (Central European Time). 

2017-2018 Fulbright-Nehru Masters Fellowships for Indian Students, USA 

  • Applications are invited for Fulbright Nehru master’s fellowships available for outstanding Indians residing in India[……..]

 Updated 10 May 2017 Deadline:  June 15, 2017, 23:59:59 hrs (IST). 

Malaysian International Scholarship  for international Students, 2017-18

  • Malaysian Government is offering scholarship from international students to pursue postgraduate studies[……..]

 Updated 09 May 2017 Deadline:  24 May 2017. 

50 international ambassador scholarships at University of West London in UK ,  2017-18

  • University of West London is awarding up to 50 international ambassador scholarships worth up to £5,000 to commence study in September 2017[……..]

 Updated 09 May 2017 Deadline: 16th of July 2017.

Beit Trust Scholarships for Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian Students, 2017-18 

  • The Beit Trust annually awards a number of postgraduate, masters or PhD scholarships for students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe to study or research at Universities in UK, Ireland or South Africa[……..]

 Updated 09 May 2017 Deadline: 31st August annually. 

DEA First Call for Research Proposals at FMSH in France, 2017-18

  • The Foundation House of Human Sciences (FMSH) calls for research proposals for the the DEA programme (Associate Research Directors)[……..]

 Updated 08 May 2017 Deadline: 31 May 2017

Kenya Merit Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK ,  2017-18

  • University of Sheffield is accepting applicants for merit postgraduate scholarships[……..]

 Updated 08 May 2017 Deadline: 26 June 2017.

DKFZ Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Germany ,  2017-18

  • The DKFZ Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is inviting application from highly talented and motivated young scientist to the German Cancer Research Center[……..]

 Updated 08 May 2017 Deadline:  15 September 2017

JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF) in Japan,  2017-18

  • Applications are invited for JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF) available for outstanding and highly motivated early-career researchers[……..]

 Updated 07 May 2017 Deadline: Not later than 17:00 PM (JST) / 8:00AM (UTC) on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ghana Sheffield Scholarships for Masters Programme in UK,  2017-18

  • Scholarships are available for Ghanaian students to pursue postgraduate taught masters programme at the University of Sheffield in September 2017[……..]

 Updated 07 May 2017 Deadline:30 June, 2017. 

6 PhD Scholarships in International Studies at University of Trento, Italy, 2017-18

  • The PhD Programme in International Studies is entirely in English and is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach that provides a solid grounding in the disciplines at the core of international studies[……..]

 Updated 07 May 2017 Deadline:16 May 2017, 04.00 p.m. (Italian time). 

EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships for International Students in France, 2017

  • Applications are invited for EDHEC Global M B A Scholarships available for students from around the world[……..]

 Updated 06 May 2017 Deadline:Applications must be received before June 30th for September intake and November 15th for January intake. 

Dr Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship for International Students in Switzerland , 2017

  • Applications are invited for Dr. Eduard Gubelin research scholarship for an innovative research project in the field of gemmology[……..]

 Updated 06 May 2017 Deadline:30 June 2017.

Microsoft Research Asia PhD Fellowship in China, 2017

  • Applications are invited for Microsoft Research Asia Fellowships from junior PhD students to pursue their research interests while taking tangible and worthwhile steps toward building a successful career[……..]

 Updated 06 May 2017 Deadline:  application period will open in May of 2017. Check back at that time for updates. 

2017 Barcelona GSE Master Scholarships for International Students in Spain

  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers a number of tuition waivers for master program. Selection will be based on academic merit[……..]

 Updated 05 May 2017 Deadline:  June 25. 

P4hpt PhD and Masters Scholarships for African Students,  2017-18

  • Partnering for Health Professionals Training in African Universities (P4HPT), an EU funded project under the Intra-ACP Academic Mobility Scheme is offering PhD and masters scholarships for African students[……..]

Updated 05 May 2017 Deadline: 23:59 GMT on Monday, 5th June, 2017. 

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